Benefits of the online applicant tracking software – Applicant Tracking Software Solution by AppliView

The applicant tracking software has not only managed to quicken or paced up the entire recruiting process, but has been successful in enhancing the accuracy

Source: Benefits of the online applicant tracking software – Applicant Tracking Software Solution by AppliView

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Managers to Millennials : Job Interviews

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Interviewing candidates is a skillful job. Human resource professionals not only do the manual screening of hundreds of resumes but also interview lot of candidates. Management of different time schedules, venues, interviewer’s schedule, candidate’s scheduling, necessary skills assessment, all takes huge involvement. Missing on one single aspect may result in series of blunder.

Now, Our team of software experts at Appliview has made the interview process easier. You have robust interview scheduling feature, automatic notification by SMS or email, Export applicant data to CSV and import in your ERP software etc. which can automate the process and reduce the mental pressure from recruiters and interviewers upto great extent.

One may not welcome the change easily but can become the change agent. Thrive on the unique opportunity you have: you were born into this era of shifts and unlike most of generation, you are inherently more at home in this world. Enjoy it!

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How to Avoid Basic Recruiting Mistakes

Recruitment SoftwareDo you feel like it is impossible to build a team of strong, capable employees? If you are having problems with your current employees, then you need to consider how these people were hired in the first place. Your recruiting methods are the foundation to creating a good team, so you need to assess how you are recruiting new employees if you want to build a better team

Here are three of the most common recruiting mistakes:

1. Rushing the Hiring Process

When a job opening needs to be filled, it can be tempting to hire the first candidate that comes along, as long as they meet a few certain requirements. Don’t make the mistake of hiring the wrong person because you are too concerned about getting the position filled right away. Sometimes it makes sense to delay the hiring for a little bit if it gives you the opportunity to find the perfect candidate to match your needs.

There is always a sense of urgency to fill the position, but you need to be careful to avoid the situation where the urgency drives you to make a poor decision. If you rush the recruitment process, then it will be expensive and ineffective.

2. Turning Away an Overqualified Candidate

It is becoming more common for employers to turn away overqualified candidates because of cost concerns. This approach is short-sighted, especially if you fail to see the benefits that the employee could bring to the company.

Don’t get caught up only looking at the short-term strategy. Instead, it is important to consider the long-term goals of the company to ensure you are hiring people who will contribute to those long-term goals. When you are focusing on a longer time frame, then you will see that salary isn’t quite as important if that employee can contribute to higher levels of growth for the company.

3. Withholding Information about the Job

One of the best ways to naturally filter potential candidates is by fully disclosing the job requirements and qualifications. Sometimes companies make the mistake of posting vague job descriptions and not sharing enough information during the interview. This limited information can result in a situation where candidates are applying for the job when they might not actually be qualified or interested in the actual duties that will be expected.

Be clear in your job description and share as much information as possible during the hiring process. A natural result is that candidates will automatically filter themselves out if they aren’t a good match for the position.

If you are ready to improve your recruiting methods, then we invite you to contact us at Agile HR for more information. Our tools make it easy for you to track recruiting efforts so that you can see how recruiting impacts retention. Contact us today for more information!


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Best Gift : Make your Recruiting team Happy: Easier Screening

Cakewalk for Recruiters: Screening and Filtering CVs

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This picture is not at all an exaggeration of the Screening feature of appliview. Our vendors approached us seeking that If the screening of resumes for a position can be made little easier for their recruiters. Vacancies received an average of 250 applications – and in some cases reached 3,000 or more resumes for a single position.

Our software expert made screening of resumes so easier that now things are just like a cake walk. Intelligent Screening and Manual Screening. In Manual Screening, You only need to tell the system on what parameters you want the screening to happen –

By Qualification,
Location or
Industry etc.

Candidate can be given ratings (Star Ratings) by recruiters, clients, HR Managers or Interviewers. Many more in built features available to see. Send me a request for a demo quickly on –

-The Appliview Team