Intelligence in Hiring Process is Appliview!!

Welcome to the blog of Appliview!

This is making an exciting journey to all those who go through pain of screening tens or hundreds of resumes everyday. Now get rid off manual screening of resumes with the help of AppliViewApplication Tracking Software and many more features in built. It is a hiring software, also called recruitment software or Applicant Tracking Software (ATS).

Adding Intelligence to Everyday Things can Change the World, and Appliview is the Intelligence in Hiring process. On a global level, we are adding intelligence to machines and objects using chips, micro sensors, and both wired and wireless networks to create a rapidly growing “Internet of things”.


How about if a software searches the best possible matches of candidates as per your search requirements in day to day life and makes it quick and easier to find the best fit for your client or your own enterprise.

How about maintaining a transparency with your clients in sharing the status /reports of the job search assignments…How about downloading all automatic generated reports in just fraction of seconds…? Everything is just a click away and things are ready for you. Trial account is waiting for you to login as Admin / HR Manager / Recruiter / Interviewer and find the hottest candidate for your assignment.

So, Why not to try Intelligence in the Hiring Process… !


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