Launched new Applicant Tracking System – AppliView

If you are a developer of job portals, job boards and recruitment websites in the web, you might be familiar with a free, web-based and open source Applicant tracking system. AppliView software help webmasters to easily build their job recruitment site for your company or agency in a minute.


AppliView finally launch a new service/application that’s going to revolutionize the way you do recruitment, the new AppliView – Applicant Tracking System which features details below:

*Can handle recruitment both online & offline

*Useful and practical resume storage and management

*Interface is blended with sophisticated technology like Amazon cloud

*Unique, innovative and intuitive applicant screening not only lets you find the best match, it reduces your time and cost by eliminating obvious mismatches.

*This application takes care of your entire workflow and triggers an email and SMS notification on different events.

*AppliView is available with 64-bit SSL security. Cloud-hosted and highly scalable online requirement solution

*All social media features like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, social bookmarks, etc. are integrated.

*High ROI by reducing the resources required for your recruitment process. Highly effective and fast recruitment more features info here.

Mainly offered in two versions for Enterprise and Recruitment Agency but you can still have the basic or get the all unlimited features, the White Label.


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