How about customized world?

Customize or Die ?

“We have a very interesting opportunity, not solely because of the price, but because open source provides an enormous advantage to the customer in terms of licensing costs and customization.”

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to the world of customization!

What if you would not have got iPod to listen to songs while travelling? What if mobiles would not have got invented and we used to keep using same wiring technology for calling? What if we would not have thought of having facilities beyond the basic? Human mind can never stop thinking out of the box.

Our technical team made the life of human resource employees easier. Now, HR can customize the email templates that needs to be send repetitively to candidates or within the team. Customize the display columns, job posts on different portals, custom database and Role based access to software. By Role based access , I mean that clients have the access to reports only, Interviewers have the access to interview scheduling mechanism only.

So, what are you waiting for? Get into the customization that can improve the productivity of your system.

Author: – The Appliview Team

Human resource software )


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