Cakewalk for Recruiters Screening and Filtering CVs

Preventing Your Dreams from Turning into Nightmares


While Writing Resume….

World is full of dreamers. For Candidates applying for jobs, It is important to remember how resumes are reviewed. Resumes are not read; they are skimmed for about 15 seconds.

Points to help increase the effectiveness of the resume:

1. Keep your resume to one page, or a max of two pages if you have 10+ years of experience.

2. Recruiters do not have the time. If you want your resume reviewer to read something on your resume, keep it short. Each bullet should be 1 – 2 lines.

3. Write your accomplishments instead of team’s accomplishments. Tell what you specifically built, created, implemented, designed, programmed, etc.

4. Your bullets should tell what your biggest 3 – 5 accomplishments per role were. Focus on accomplishments, not responsibilities.

For recruiters, Appliview has lot of amazing in built features to manage candidates database of resumes, find the best matches automatically for a search by intelligent match / custom match quickly.

– Tha Appliview Team


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