Best Gift : Make your Recruiting team Happy: Easier Screening

Cakewalk for Recruiters: Screening and Filtering CVs

Staffing software

This picture is not at all an exaggeration of the Screening feature of appliview. Our vendors approached us seeking that If the screening of resumes for a position can be made little easier for their recruiters. Vacancies received an average of 250 applications – and in some cases reached 3,000 or more resumes for a single position.

Our software expert made screening of resumes so easier that now things are just like a cake walk. Intelligent Screening and Manual Screening. In Manual Screening, You only need to tell the system on what parameters you want the screening to happen –

By Qualification,
Location or
Industry etc.

Candidate can be given ratings (Star Ratings) by recruiters, clients, HR Managers or Interviewers. Many more in built features available to see. Send me a request for a demo quickly on –

-The Appliview Team


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