Hiring Process

Managers to Millennials : Job Interviews

With Appliview-Discover Tomorrow

Interviewing candidates is a skillful job. Human resource professionals not only do the manual screening of hundreds of resumes but also interview lot of candidates. Management of different time schedules, venues, interviewer’s schedule, candidate’s scheduling, necessary skills assessment, all takes huge involvement. Missing on one single aspect may result in series of blunder.

Now, Our team of software experts at Appliview has made the interview process easier. You have robust interview scheduling feature, automatic notification by SMS or email, Export applicant data to CSV and import in your ERP software etc. which can automate the process and reduce the mental pressure from recruiters and interviewers upto great extent.

One may not welcome the change easily but can become the change agent. Thrive on the unique opportunity you have: you were born into this era of shifts and unlike most of generation, you are inherently more at home in this world. Enjoy it!

Author: Tha Appliview Team

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