Choose the Right System for Your Staffing Agency

Developed & Designed for staffing and recruiting agencies, AppliView is a web-based Staffing Agency Software, which combines both Applicant Tracking Software and Human Resource Management System in one Recruitment System.

The ATS & HRMS dashboard keeps users updated on activities of candidates, clients and jobs in real-time. Based on a chevron workflow, AppliView signature traffic light color-coded system indicates the stage where every candidate is in the recruitment pipeline and items that still require attention.

AppliView helps recruiters parse resumes into the system – including multi-lingual languages, and stores everything into one single database. Pre-built dashboards and reports based on sales pipeline, revenue and candidate source metrics are also available inside Staffing Agency Software by AppliView.

In just fifteen minutes, the experts at AppliView can help you narrow down the right guidance for your organization. Call us for a Free Fast Start Consultation: +91 94087-07113

AppliView’s applicant tracking system sets the new standard for speed. Increase placements, reduce downtime, and grow faster with our cloud-based ATS.

Staffing is a highly-competitive industry. Choosing the right staffing agency software partner is like getting done hardest part of Staffing Agency. Does the vendor understand your business? Is the relationship going to make your business better? These are some of things you should ask yourself when evaluating staffing agency software. If the vendor is not one to which you’d want to be higher, then you probably shouldn’t partner with them.

Today’s staffing firms require innovative agency software that enables them to respond quickly to changing market conditions and new developments. Many of the applicant tracking systems (ATS) and recruitment CRM solutions that vendors offer are not built with an architecture that is flexible and powerful enough to support the agile framework staffing companies demand.

Software for staffing agencies has come a long way over the past ten years. Once dominated by on-premise, custom, homegrown solutions, the recruiting software landscape has matured. Staffing companies have turned to cloud-based systems that provide more flexibility and speed.


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