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One Thing You must Know About Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)

Applicant Tracking Solution - Appliview

It’s no secret that the applicant tracking system (ATS) has been one of the dominant sources of frustration among talent acquisition practitioners and job seekers alike. While many ATS vendors have come a long way in offering more user-friendly interfaces and intuitive workflows, many employers leverage their ATSs simply as place to store resumes and Share jobs. While these features are necessary to the recruiting process, they aren’t core features for which these systems were originally intended to be used.

ATS Features

* Extend Your Reach
* Candidate Management
* Customize Your Experience
* Workflow Management
* Event Management
* Resume Management
* Role and Permission
* Complete Integration
* Utilize social Media
* Share on Job Boards

Sharing on Job Boards

AppliView – ATS System lets you share job openings to the most popular job boards with just a few clicks.

Integration with Website

Create Powerful Career Page at your own Website with the blends with the rest of your site for find candidates.

Creating a positive candidate experience means engaging and communicating with candidates throughout the hiring process. Integrate your email, Outlook inbox and send SMS/Text messaging with AppliView – Applicant Tracking Solution.

Reach candidates like never before. The new AppliView – ATS System makes it easy to find the ideal candidate by sharing on job boards, social media and your company career pages. for detail visit us at


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