Application Tracking Software System

Select the best candidates from different career portal services

We wants to ensure you get the most out video interviews and reap all the benefits we outlined in benefits of hiring process through video interview. We’ve put together a list of helpful tips/best practices that will help you reach a high response rate, get the best interviews from candidates and lead you to your next great employee.

Applicant Tracking Software


1. Welcome candidates by creating a personalised experience — We recommend taking advantage of the recorded intro feature as a way for the candidate to see someone on the other end and establish a connection, as well as put them more at ease.2. Remember, it’s probably their first time — Acknowledge that this is probably a new experience and express appreciation for their participation. Also, consider including an icebreaker to put candidates at ease.

3. Determine the right timing — Give candidates a little bit of extra time for the first and second questions just to ease them into the process.

4. Focus on the objective — Your goal is to narrow your list of applicant to a short—list of candidate you want to meet for a face—to—face interview. Focus on adequately testing candidates and asking questions that help them demonstrate the qualities that are important to you.

5. Ask the right questions — You want to get to most from the candidate so, detailed open—ended questions are the best. If you have a position that requires, very specific skills or knowledge, you can also use the time to test of those skills.

6. Give a chance to more candidates — With video interviewing you’re able to review/evaluate more candidate in a shorter amount of time. Consider more candidates, so that you can narrow down the list and find the best. Video interviewing is a great option for those candidates that you’re on the fence about.

7. Include a weekend in your deadline — You’ll get a much better response rate if you can include a weekend in your completion deadline, this gives candidates ample time to prepare.






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