Recruiting is no less than a sales job

Candidates Tracking System

Uncommon communication practices with candidates during the hiring process are important ways that employers of choice engage job candidates in the hiring process.

In particular, employers of choice are more likely to not only communicate aspects of the position and organization, but also communicate with job applicants more frequently throughout the hiring process about their status.  Based on our research in what communication practices are used by employers of choice as well as what communication practices most significantly are correlated with candidate satisfaction, the following are ten (10) best practices related to communication that are used by employers of choice during the recruitment process.*    They communicate the position for which they are hiring in a clear, honest, and realistic manner.

*    They help candidates understand the position and their business by providing information about the job, the organization, and its culture.

*    They clearly communicate what they are looking for in terms of skills and competencies, qualifications, characteristics and qualities, and performance/job expectations during the hiring process.

*    They make candidates aware of clear steps in the hiring process, including the components of the selection process (i.e. interview, background check, assessment, etc.).

*    They provide candidates with expected time-frames for the entire hiring process and between stages.

*    They frequently inform and update all candidates of their status throughout the hiring process, specifically whether or not they made to the next stage.

*    They are open to addressing candidates’ questions and concerns and make themselves available.

*    They respond to candidates’ questions and concerns clearly in a prompt, thorough, friendly, and professional manner.

*    They personalize communications with candidates and are more likely to provide feedback on why candidates did not make the cut.

*    They maintain contact with exceptional job applicants for future opportunities.


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