Hiring managers need to consider utilizing an Applicant Tracking System.

Here are a few reasons why all recruiters and hiring managers need to consider utilizing an Applicant Tracking System.


Recruiters or No Recruiters

 How can you possibly keep track of all the applications you receive? For each job posting you receive lots of resumes. You could not possibly reply to each person to confirm we have received his or her resume. Compound this with multiple job postings at one time and we have exponential amounts of applications — how do we handle them? That’s where an Applicant Tracking Solution comes in.


Once you have uploaded a candidate’s information into your ATS, you can do keyword searches. This makes life a lot easier than starting a search from scratch every time you open a new position. For example, if you are hiring for a Software Developer who needs sharepoint experience you can type “sharepoint” into keywords and a list of all applicants with that skill will pop up. This means there is less of a chance you are overlooking qualified applicants.

A pesky little task for a hiring manager or a recruiter is rejecting all the applicants he or she is choosing not to pursue. By implementing an ATS, this can be done efficiently with the click of a button. Sound too good to be true? It isn’t. Think of all the time you will save!

Job Postings Made Easy (and Affordable)

That’s right folks — an Applicant Tracking Software can provide you with UNLIMITED job postings! If you’re relying on LinkedIn to get the job done to the tune of a few hundred bucks per posting then this may save you some cash. Your ATS will be able to post directly to your company website and in some instances it can also be linked to external job boards.

If your company has not yet looked into an ATS to manage all your applications and recruiting resources, I would highly suggest you look into it. It could be the saving grace in a hiring pinch one day soon!


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