How ATS will help in recruiting process

An Applicant Tracking Solution is online recruitment software that allows you to track your candidates and manage your hiring process.

As an SME, you might believe that you either don’t need an ATS, or that they’re are mainly designed for larger organisations, and therefore don’t suit a smaller business’ budget or recruitment needs. However, there are some Applicant Tracking Systems for SMEs specifically, and you could benefit from them in more ways than one.

So here are just three ways that you could benefit from implementing an Applicant Tracking System for SMEs.

Reduces your administration

For an SME, it’s important that you can save time and minimise workload where you can. An Applicant Tracking System can dramatically reduce the heavy administration that comes with hiring, from minimising the paper CVs and applications you receive, to reducing manual data inputting and over-complicated spreadsheets. With a quality, cloud-based online recruitment system, you can also access the software anywhere, anytime, which means that the process is not only fast and efficient, but also convenient.

Increases your security

Having an online Applicant Tracking System also increases the security of your candidates’ data. With paper-based recruitment, the chance of human error is greatly increased, risking the loss or misplacement of sensitive data. Online, your documents and data are stored securely, all in one place.

As an SME, it might be tempting to implement free applicant tracking software. However, when you’re paying for recruitment software, you can afford a greater level of trust in your software provider and the security of your system.

Eases the pressure of delivering a good candidate experience

Delivering a good candidate experience means promoting what it means to work for you, maintaining a good level of communication between you and applicants, and keeping the hiring process short and sweet.

An Applicant Tracking System for SMEs can help you deliver all of these goals. With a quality ATS provider, you’re supplied a fully branded careers page, which is the ideal platform for you to provide information on your business and the working environment. A good ATS can also send automatic job tweets to inform candidates of vacancies, and send acknowledgement of application emails. It can also make the hiring process faster, by simplifying your screening process and making it easier to compare and filter applicants.


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