How to get best productivity from the ATS

Applicant Tracking Solution is used to monitor who has connected to a vacant position and which step every competitor has finished as a major aspect of the enlisting procedure. At times it’s hard to keep an applicant tracking framework progressive, particularly amid times of high volume or when the quantity of competitors being handled incredibly surpasses the quantity of overseers who have entry to the ATS. Be that as it may, there are numerous advantages to keeping your tracking framework as up and coming as could reasonably be expected.

Collaboration of the data

Tracking recruitment process through an ATS will make it less demanding for different directors to work together while preparing the same pool of hopefuls. In the event that there is ever an inquiry regarding what steps a competitor may have finished, one basically needs to check the ATS to see where the applicant remains simultaneously. This has a tendency to be simpler than utilizing a spreadsheet or whatever other tools that permits stand out individual to alter at once.

Reducing the paperwork

Utilizing an applicant tracking software will likewise diminish the measure of printed material that should be held, recorded, and after that got to on the off chance that you ever require data around a hopeful at a later date in time. You ought to have the capacity to incorporate anything in an ATS that you would normally record on a sheet of paper, including, yet not constrained to: the date a movement was finished, the score the competitor got (when appropriate), the hopeful’s status on that action, and any extra notes that might be vital to incorporate. Furthermore, a great ATS will be available anyplace.

High end reporting facility

A decent applicant tracking system ought to likewise offer gathering level reporting that will permit you to rapidly hunt down gatherings of hopefuls or help you screen pass rates at every progression in the contracting procedure. Case in point, say you are nearing the end of an employing wave and you are attempting to contract one final individual. At first look it may appear you tapped out your employing pool. On the off chance that your ATS is cutting-edge, you can run a snappy report to check whether there are any competitors who are qualified to move to the following stride simultaneously.

Keep an eye on acceptance/rejection

Additionally, on the off chance that you find that you genuinely have depleted your competitor pool however regardless you have openings left to fill, you can run a gathering level report to see pass rates at every progression simultaneously and where you are screening out the most hopefuls. Intermittently contracting supervisors expect that a later stride all the while, similar to a specialized test or a meeting, may screen out excessively numerous applicants. Having the capacity to effortlessly screen pass rates at each progression in the process will help you recognize any ranges of concern and permit you to see roll out improvements to ease those issues.

Applicant tracking systems are highly useful tools for any company. If you aren’t utilizing your ATS to the best of its ability, you could be creating extra work for yourself, and even leaving your company open to legal complications.


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