Questions to ask before buying an applicant tracking solution

With such a variety of applicant tracking systems available, it can be difficult to interpret which components are a good fit for your business.

These components can incorporate applicant screening, evaluations, background check, questionnaire, work benchmarking and work postings — the rundown continues endlessly.

In any case, how would you know which systems are critical for your business and location the issues you are attempting to explain? How would you know you’re utilizing your system to its fullest and that it’s delivering the best results?

Here are four things to ask before you buy an applicant tracking solution to abstain from putting resources into an applicant screening framework that does not address your issues 

How does the ATS select candidates

It’s a common practice to select candidates according to a job specification. But if the ATS only allows you to set the bar of skills, and years of experience based on the organization’s top performers’ profiles or industry standard, how can you be sure to be unbiased when sorting through applicants. With our system, AppliView, the bias is removed with our job benchmarking process. It prioritizes the key accountabilities of a job and defines what it takes to be successful for each position. Then you compare candidates through those lenses and filter out those who don’t fit the job before the interview.

How does the ATS assess candidates?

Seeing how a framework produces suggestions and positions hopefuls inside the framework is essential, since they set the tone for your hiring process. In the event that your framework positions hopefuls unreasonably or erroneously, it will be difficult to contract the right individuals. Search for applicant tracking solution that has the assets to scrutinize and build up their own evaluations. Some will outsource practices and aptitudes appraisal as a feature of the screening process. AppliView is the main evaluation based applicant tracking software that surveys all applicants taking into account conduct, helpers, abilities and insight, which empowers clients to have exhaustive point of view about how well they fit the position you have work benchmarked.

Are the assessments used valid?

A few evaluations may not as legitimate as you think; much of the time, they are self-composed tests that give you a reason to weed out certain sort of competitors, which is illegal. AppliView utilizes appraisals that have been accepted by many years of experience.

When shopping for your applicant tracking system, conducting due diligence is vital. By not doing so, you could create more problems for your organization and inadvertently continue a hiring cycle riddled with biases.

Bottom line: You want an applicant tracking solution that allows you to hire better and more efficiently, something much more than a basic screening tool.


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