How applicant tracking solution will help you to find enhance the recruiting efforts

There are numerous advantages of actualizing an Applicant Tracking Software into your HR office. It is a business tool that permits you to streamline the greater part of the procedures of recruitment and permits you to deal with your applicant stream all the more adequately. AppliView is a World Class applicant tracking system that has helped a great many selection representatives augment their recruiting efforts.

We have identified few key areas that can assist any company, large or small, in maximizing their recruitment efforts

Reduce your Cost per Hire

There are a great deal of elements that you need to mull over with regards to hiring another employee. There are numerous costs that are unmistakable and some that are elusive with regards to selecting. Settled costs, for example, elevating your business to a portion of the top pay work loads up to other not really unmistakable costs like TIME, impact the aggregate expense of gaining that next awesome employee. In studies, organizations are currently actualizing applicant tracking solution in view of the numerous advantages that at last drive down the expense of contract. From free incorporations with a portion of the biggest social employment locales to the streamlined way to deal with regulatory capacities, organizations are seeing genuine ROI with regards to actualizing an ATS.

Pre-Screening Questions

Pre-screening inquiries are a standout amongst the most basic strides in the recruitment process. They give you data that could represent the moment of truth an applicant’s possibility of being procured. Without an ATS you lose this important device. With AppliView, you can redo the same number of pre-screening question that you may feel will give you the best results in finding the right candidate. You can likewise make your own pre-screening questions. On the off chance that an applicant answers an inquiry not to your preferring, they get put into the “not-qualified” recruitment stage, taking out the bother of having to physically aura competitors. Then again, if the applicant answers an inquiry effectively, they get put in a need list so you see them first to augment your time searching for the right representative.

Real-Time Reporting for all data

AppliView is not only to hire candidates, one of the best elements in AppliView is the capacity to run gives an account of different measurements. Running Data on different procedures allows you to enhance extra minutes, at last sparing you significant hours of work a day. Is your review coming up soon? Pull up the EEO report to get the majority of the data required immediately. Reports are the most ideal approach to see the things that are working and the things that need a few changes. Rather than having somebody take throughout the day to arrange the greater part of the information you requirement for something, have your ATS pull it up with a tick of your mouse.

Automation of the Recruitment Process

If you are looking for an easier way to run your HR department, look no further than AppliView! There is a noticeable difference between a manually ran recruitment process and an automated ATS. Automation is the movement of this decade, so bring your HR department into the modern era and see how simple recruiting can really be.


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