Few checklist for buying an ATS

On the off chance that you feel you are suffocating in spreadsheets and your inbox is being overwhelmed by job applications once a day, you might search for an answer as recruitment software

As any astute recruiter knows the initial phase in the buying process is to do your exploration. With a wide assortment of Applicant Tracking Systems accessible all bragging an abundance of components, intended to enhance your opportunity to hire and drive down costs, recognizing what to search for when putting resources into an applicant tracking software is a significant test.

Because of this, AppliView has assembled this short and straightforward prologue to Applicant Tracking Solution – intended to help you with regards to acquiring enrollment programming it’s hard to believe, but it’s true for your business.

What is an ATS?

An ATS is one component of an hiring software package that can either be bought independently or included with a career site. An ATS computerizes recruitment process, empowering you to group your applications and set up automated messages to candidates. An ATS significantly improves associations’ capacity to deal with their recruitment and convey a strong and proficient hiring arrangement.

Few Aspects to Consider When Purchasing an ATS

Mobile solution

With details uncovering that most of the jobseekers pursuit through a mobile phones, it is very prescribed to consider a mobile answer for your ATS that permits jobseekers to look and apply by means of mobile device. A mobile streamlined arrangement implies the pages will be more qualified to their online experience, which can affect application rates.

Data organisation

So you make the stride and get an ATS up and running, yet what happens when you need to dive into your recently created ability pool? Guarantee you investigate how your applicant information is put away. For instance, is it secure? Likewise, that it is so natural to look for candidates and email them potential occupation matches?


One key component of any ATS is the reporting capacity it brings to the table. These reports furnish you with the information expected to determine inefficiencies and drive down expenses inside your recruitment process. From wellspring of use to hire, your ATS can give you an abundance of information. Moreover, where there are numerous clients of your candidate following framework, crosswise over bigger group of recruiters, you ought to search for the capacity to have the capacity to write about every client’s execution.

Likewise, when looking for an ATS bear in mind to guarantee you have the capacity to conform and tailor your reports to coordinate the necessities of your business.

Social reach

What social compass can your potential ATS supplier give you? In the event that you have picked up progress on social network, for example, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, these groups of onlookers are prone to be quick to know about circumstances inside your business.

Something else to consider is the thing that social channels are significant to you? You may not require every one of them; so ensure you can select to just utilize the ones that matter to your association and that you are not charged additional for ones you won’t utilize.

Overall usability

Indispensably imperative is the manner by which easy to use your ATS stage is. There are numerous ATS suppliers who brag abnormal state undertaking arrangements, yet with regards to ease of use the essential capacities are regularly lost along the way. Your answer should be anything but difficult to get for your new starters but convey all the definite reporting you require. Search for an ATS that gives the ideal mix of big business level reporting by means of a streamlined easy to use stage.

On the off chance that the supplier of the applicant tracking software doesn’t have the choice for you to demo their recruitment software, know. Anybody can guarantee their alternative is ideal, yet in the event that you can’t take it for a test ride how would you know it’s best for you?

While demoing recruitment software recollect your competitors; guarantee you see the application process from their side, this is particularly critical on the off chance that you are settling on a portable arrangement.

Putting resources into an ATS is a significant choice, yet ideally by taking after these purchaser tips you will discover the test easier to explore. Simply recall, a great administration supplier will work with you and glad to demonstrate to you their answer all around without being pushy and deals driven.


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