Key advantages of cloud based applicant tracking system

With an increasing shortage of in-demand skills, the pressure is on for employers to attract high quality candidates to their businesses.

Using recruitment agency software is a great way to advertise your recruitment campaigns and manage your candidates through a fully integrated applicant tracking system (ATS).

With an expanding lack of popular aptitudes, the weight is on for recruiters to pull in excellent contender to their organizations.

Utilizing applicant tracking solution is an awesome approach to publicize your enrollment battles and deal with your hopefuls through a completely coordinated ATS.

AppliView shares with you few key benefits of using an ATS.

Highly efficient

An ATS permits you to log all your recruitment activities and applicant data in one effortlessly open center. Putting away all your candidate data in one system, rather than a litter of confused spreadsheets, will disentangle your recruitment process, and lessen the measure of administrator and printed material.

Easy gathering of candidate details

Most Applicant Tracking Systems furnish candidate with individual records, where they permit jobseekers to login and transfer their CV and details straight onto your framework. From here, you can set up job alerts for candidates to join to and express their enthusiasm for working for your organization. Catching a candidate’s data thusly can manufacture your ability pool, keeping your records straightforward and open.

Having this rich pool of applicant information permits you to hunt down ability in your current database before feeling the need to publicize your battle.

Efficient reporting tools

After collating all of your recruitment information through your applicant tracking solution, you can create tailored reports that will allow you to monitor the performance and success of your campaigns. For example, if you’re interested in how long it will take to hire an engineer, look at your time-to-hire by vacancy report. Or, if you want to see which job board is giving you too many irrelevant applications, look at the application by source report.

Reduce manual work

Using an ATS to manage your recruiter will allow you to keep all your applications in one portal, reducing the need for separate emails.

By storing all your candidate data in one hub, you can pull and produce tailored reports, reducing your amount of work.

Enhanced candidate or user experience

With the ascent of cell phone use, candidates now scrutinize and apply for work in a versatile upgraded position. With an ATS, you can make a versatile enhanced application process to permit potential possibility to apply easily, specifically through their mobile devices. Giving your hopefuls this alternative will abbreviate the application procedure, conveying an extraordinary competitor experience and consequently, slicing your opportunity to –hire.


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