Facts about the ATS which you should know

Candidates and applicant tracking systems resemble Tom and Jerry. The two can feel like they’re verging on difficult to combine.

In any case, with a touch of incredible shaking, that Tom and Jerry can turn into a pleasant serving of good friends. To shake up a slowed down employment pursuit, it’s a great opportunity to quit trusting an ATS is your enemy and begin seeing how they function so you can utilize them further bolstering your good fortune. Getting the realities is an incredible spot to begin.

Few facts about the applicant tracking software

  • Most of the organizations get a huge number of resumes every week. There’s no time for a human to have a look on everyone on of them. The ATS cuts around 70 percent that don’t coordinate the required criteria.
  • Selection of keywords can help you to beat the ATS. To get a top-positioning resume, you require a high amount of keywords, as well as need great quality of keywords. Some keywords are measured more than others and resumes that incorporate these will in a flash emerge.
  • Resume’s size or length doesn’t matter to the ATS. ATS couldn’t care less if your resume is one page or five. While you can be more liberal when creating duplicate, remember a definitive objective is for your resume to achieve a human eye. On the off chance that the length is absurd, it will get tossed out. Locate the sweet spot to assuage both man and machine.
  • Skip abbreviations and include written-out acronyms. Abbreviations can be missed if they are not programmed into the ATS, so play it safe by spelling out words completely. Use popular industry acronyms but spell out the words in parenthesis afterword to make sure your information gets pulled and ranked appropriately.
  • ATS save companies tons of money. A small company can save so much money in wasted time and effort using an applicant tracking system. For big companies, the savings will be very high. That money motivation means the ATS is only going to become more helpful.

We hope this will help you in the future for the job search.


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