Few myths about the applicant tracking solution

Organizations of all size and scale have taken to the Applicant Tracking Systems principally on the grounds that a decent ATS can have an immediate positive bearing on both the top-line and primary concern of a business. Aside from creating a high ROI, a successful ATS additionally diminishes working expenses and streamline the recruitment software to better serve business interests.If the benefits of deploying an ATS are so obvious why are recruiters sometimes reluctant to use an ATS?

On the off chance that the advantages of using an ATS are so evident why are recruiters at times hesitant to utilize an applicant tracking solution?

Here are few myths about ATS


Recruiters regularly accompany this pre-imagined idea that an applicant tracking software is unreasonable and thus have a tendency to be one-sided against it. They call attention to the establishment expense of the framework and also cost of running the framework as evidence. Reality however lies in the high ROI created from utilizing an ATS. Utilizing an ATS to its maximum capacity will empower an association to procure modest and hire quick more than counterbalancing the underlying expenses of setting up an applicant tracking solution. The long haul advantages of having a brought together database with cutting edge look devices that make it simple to channel and screen competitors over the social and physical world are basically invaluable.

Considering them with Job Boards

Another myth that numerous recruiters regularly make is to befuddle an ATS system with Job boards. Since they are as of now utilizing job portals to promote vacant position, they advocate that their needs are being satisfied. Despite what might be expected, if recruiters are not utilizing an ATS, they have to physically present open positions on every job board. With the assistance of ATS, then again they can promote open positions online to numerous job boards with the basic snap of a catch. Consolidating ATS with Job boards can help recruiters save critical time, exertion and cash and show signs of improvement results.

ATS is only for big companies

Many recruiters accept that ATS is implied for bigger associations where the size of employing is expansive. They frequently think of the contention that since their association is little with constrained procuring, an ATS is not so much required. Expecting that littler associations needn’t bother with an ATS is a major oversight, particularly in the event that they are wanting to scale up operations or taking a gander at increasing their nature of hiring to rival greater players. Drawing in quality applicants requires utilizing imaginative method for contacting them and persuading them regarding the association’s dedication to incredibleness. An recruitment software that does not permit recruiter to recognize and get to top ability and which does not fit using online networking is not liable to furnish the association with the best ability in the business sector.

Difficult for bulk hiring

A contention that is frequently set up is that it is hard to utilize ATS during bulk hiring. An ATS can in truth be the best apparatus to send amid mass contracting, guaranteeing the whole procedure is streamlined and hopefuls are adequately screened for best fitment. Mass hiring regularly end up being catastrophes in light of the fact that a manual procuring framework does not accommodate successful screening inside the brief span accessible. An ATS then again depends on pursuit calculations and catchphrases based quests and can help you filter a huge number of resumes to concoct the best fit inside seconds.

Comfort Level

Few recruiters put forward the simple argument that they are more comfortable working on excel sheets than recruitment software. This is because they do not want to put in the initial time and effort required to understand the new system and its benefits. They are known for their ease of use.The long-term benefits of switching from a manual to an automated system,far outweighs the initial hiccups of making the change.



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