Modern features which should have in all applicant tracking systems

Numerous businesses as yet attempting to hire staff, the ability war is hinting at no decrease. Recruiters are searching for approaches to beat the opposition in the race to sign top ability. Normally, they will anticipate that their HR groups will advance proposition that will help the business to contend all the more viably in the ability war. New HR and ability innovation is one such potential activity. Few years back, applicant tracking system were simply supporting recruitment division work-flow. The improvement which has happened amongst then and now has created upgraded usefulness that can really change your ability fascination activities and put you in front of your associates.

If you find your system lacks these capabilities, it may be a good time to find a system that includes them.

Social-media Integration

It is stunning to feel that social media was especially in its earliest stages: few years of standard selection – which implies that more old ATS can be excused for not being social media coordinated. In any case, with social recruitment particularly in the standard today, it is not astonishing to find that numerous current applicant tracking solution created social capacities as of late and numerous new companies have created with social innovation in their center. This usefulness will empower your recruiter to rapidly share and disseminate employments, all around, over all significant media interpersonal organizations and to track candidates’ profiles and notices.

Mobile Integration also a Necessity

Many candidates use smart phones or mobile device to to find jobs. The business sector has reacted to this and there are currently a wide determination of applicant tracking software which empower some type of advanced mobile upgraded access to your organization’s application portal to the candidate. In the event that your present ATS does not mobile, then you are disregarding a key recruitment source and the time has come to consider updating your product to pick up this usefulness.

Cloud-Enabled Applicant Tracking Software

In last couple of years, cloud-based recruitment software – which permits recruiters to get to the framework from any PC with a browser and internet – has detonated on to the business sector. In the event that your ATS is not cloud-enabled, but rather you presently have or could advantage by a mobile recruiters, then it would be a decent time to move up to cloud empowered programming.

Online Application Portal

The possibility of an online application portal which you publish to from the ATS is not another thing. Yes, this usefulness was around few years prior, yet it was in a more fundamental shape and was ungainly for both competitors and scouts to utilize. In the event that you locate your present place of job application entry awkward, or you just don’t have one, then it might be a decent time to consider another framework. This is on account of current online candidate application associated with applicant tracking solution are a great deal more adapted towards convenience, they likewise permit you to distribute specifically to the prominent occupations loads up and work web indexes – both these components will spare you time and cash.

Resume Parsing

Resume parsing facility is the place a framework consequently read resumes from email/web application and makes waitlists – has enhanced drastically. The calculations are more complex implying that it can handle a more extensive scope of resume organizations and conveys much better quality competitor coordinating, furnishing you with a greatly improved quality short-list. On the off chance that you are finding that your auto-produced short-records are essentially not focused on all around ok, the time has come to check the business sector for a possibly better alternative.


Do you find it easy to extract reports from your ATS? So many companies don’t even report on recruitment and others are rely on spreadsheets for their work-force reporting with most being dissatisfied with the quality and reliability of this approach. It is time to consider upgrading to a new applicant tracking system as most modern systems come with powerful reporting capabilities and reliable recruitment metrics which will save you significant time and give the recruiting department greater visibility.


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