Tips to manage recruitment with help of applicant tracking solution

To align your recruitment process you have to dispense with waste and increment viability. Pause for a minute to record the means, association, and purposes of disappointment amid the enlisting, following and capability process.

Recruiting Management

  • Can you store templates of job descriptions?
  • Can an approval process be applied to the requisition?
  • What is the process, and what rules can be applied?
  • How quickly can a requisition start accepting applications?
  • How do you post a requisition to job boards?

Applicant Management

  • What applicant information is collected (e.g., contact data, sourcing information, resume submittal, work history, education, etc.)?
  • Explain how your ATS works with various job types as well as internal and external applicants.
  • Explain how your applicant tracking system tracks the source of the applicant.
  • Does your system support conceptual search? What other types of search do you support?
  • Does your system support Web mining and the sourcing of resumes?
  • Is the applicant workflow configurable? If so, can I create automated email messages for each step?
  • Does the system allow for inserting applicant notes?
  • Can you upload documents into applicant records?

From here, you can determine what information you need to collect, how you want to collect it and what criteria you need.



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