Most basic complaints of applicant tracking solution from the users

It’s no secret that applicant tracking systems improve the hiring process. But what do you have to be aware of when you’re comparing systems? While doing research into each option you will be overloaded with features here and features there, but what about specific issues that users encounter on a regular basis? No worries, we have come up with a list of the most common complaints for applicant tracking systems.


This can be a frustrating one. You’ve input the information necessary or you’re trying to get to a particular candidate profile then you get a big fat ‘ERROR’ or ‘The action cannot be completed’!!! These glitches can be costly because of the loss of time. You may also lose your sanity. Choose your ATS wisely.

Slow and Lazy

Pretty straight forward. Going from screen to screen or action to action stalls and takes lots of time for recruiter. This is can be a sign that the applicant tracking software isn’t built well and could have more issues down the road. These issues can be fixed, but see what the history of the product has been, if possible, to spot any trends.

Non Appealing

If something isn’t visually appealing, it can be a huge turnoff. A lot of applicant tracking solutions aren’t very kind to the user’s eyes. The functionality may be there, but a poor user interface hurts engagement.

Not user friendly

This is one of the top two complaints I came across as well as one of the top two most damaging faults of some applicant tracking systems. This includes both sides of the software; the candidates trying to apply for a job and the recruiters using the system to track the hiring process.

Customer Support

Only two words, but it separates applicant tracking systems by miles and miles. We have seen this as the biggest complaint and for good reason. The reps from these different solutions are very responsive when they need something (contract, payment, etc.), but become nonexistent when you have an issue. Make sure you find a system that will be there for you and won’t charge an arm and a leg (and your first born) to get that support.

But you guys don’t need to worry about this as AppliView is error free, fast, efficient, user friendly and comes with the best support team.



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