Strategic advantages of cloud based applicant tracking system

The worldwide war for Talent is more extraordinary than any time in recent memory. For recruiters today, the test of drawing in, recognizing and connecting with Talent is progressively troublesome. Associations are venturing up their recruiting style and utilizing on ATS apparatuses to pick up a focused edge.

Cloud-based applicant tracking system has progressively turned into the go-to arrangement model of associations that need to install an ATS rapidly and with negligible bother. With cloud based ATS, there is no compelling reason to introduce or deal with the application on neighborhood servers or PCs, therefore quickening time to esteem for any association hoping to put resources into such applications.

Besides its fuss-free, quick-to-implement approach, most Cloud recruiting software boasts a multitude of useful functionality that strengthens the organization’s Talent attraction and recruitment strategy. If you’re straddling the line between investing in one and rejecting the ‘Cloud’, here’s a quick list of the strategic advantages of Cloud based ATS.

Switchover from Admin to Automation

Your standard hiring process implies that you keep running into exhausting managerial assignments obstructing the recruitment process from pushing ahead. Recruiters are caught arranging candidate’s information, exhausting valuable time presenting occupations on numerous employment loads up, gathering and dealing with applications. Recruitment is race is a race and in the time you take to choose your applicant and react, you chance losing a potential candidate to your rival.

Applicant tracking software take out regulatory obligations, fabricating a sorted out and effectively available applicant database for you. Included hunt functionalities in the framework permits you to channel as indicated by criteria and match contender to the part required. Applicant tracking solution decrease the danger of recruiting errors like losing a key resume, sparing you time, making it less demanding for you, and a superior hopeful affair for your candidates.

Easy to update

Web-based ATS are built to ensure that that users are running on the latest version of the software. Updates containing new features and enhancements are deployed multiple times per year, so users are assured that they are always up-to-date with the latest online applicant tracking system.


With Cloud applications, you won’t need an IT team or on-site server. Similar to the log-in process for Facebook, Google and LinkedIn online, recruiting in the Cloud means that all you need is just a computer (or mobile device) and internet granting you all hour access the recruitment software.

Indeed, with these benefits it’s no surprise why many businesses are already depending on Cloud technology to dial-up their talent acquisition strategy. A perfect combination of agility, scalability and cost-effectiveness, embracing a recruitment software in the Cloud could be the difference between making an average and a stellar hire for your organization.


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