Time to change the applicant tracking system

Today, most moderate size and huge organizations rely on upon an Applicant tracking solution (ATS) to robotize their recruitment and hiring process while overseeing work process. While the advantages of an ATS are self-evident, actually they are not all made equivalent.

If you feel like your applicant tracking system is not living up to its expectations, you could be right. Here are three surefire signs it may be time to drop your old ATS and start a new.

Tedious application process

On the off chance that your applicants need to battle through a maze of muddled procedures just to discover the open jobs it’s hard to believe, but it’s true for them, there’s a decent risk they’ll surrender before giving out any of their data. In the event that your ATS doesn’t value an easy to-use interface and competitor experience, it’s presumably time to locate another one.

Consider covering your applicant tracking software with a career site to control the candidate experience. With a career site, you can make a page exclusive to posting the greater part of your open positions. That way job seekers can rapidly filter for the open positions which they’re searching for.

No option to track social activities.

Recruiters are always attempting to discover approaches to boost their utilization of social hiring. Be that as it may, without an approach to track which sources every competitor originated from, all the Facebook posts, tweets and LinkedIn associations recruiters convey are essentially worth nada. Preferably, the best ATS would total every one of this data into sorted out reports where you can rapidly see your outcomes. On the off chance that your ATS doesn’t, it might be the correct time to update.

No facility for communication

Utilizing email to go on candidate data to your peer recruiter or hiring manager can rapidly transform into a mess. Your messages could get lost among the other information. Also, before you know it a month has passed by with no reaction. A high performing ATS permits you to incorporate correspondence inside the stage keeping in mind the end goal to stay associated and on track with your kindred partners.



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