Is your company ready for the applicant tracking system? If yes then what to look for

For a few verticals and brands it can be hard to decide the best time to put resources into or move up to an Applicant Tracking System. A few signs that it may be the ideal opportunity for your business to consider putting resources into an ATS are:

  • Your business is in development mode. As organizations increment in manpower, recruiters feel the weight of additional work. ATS connect the correspondence holes amongst offices and permit HR, enlistment, and administration groups to work together and settle on the best employing choices.
  • You’ve depleted your recruiters (or you don’t have enough recruiters). In a soaked employment showcase, a normal job posting can net several resumes. For recruiters that are as of now extended meager, this can make filtering through applicants, while as yet overseeing different obligations, exceptionally difficult. Applicant Tracking Solution robotize the application procedure and streamline the interview and recruiting process.
  • You are experiencing difficulty tracking and reporting HR and lawful consistence. ATS helps HR and administration staff effortlessly and proficiently screen consistence, produce reports, and ensure that the majority of the fundamental records are in the perfect spot ought to a review ever happen.
  • High turnover is a reality for some organizations. As anyone might expect, organizations that have a high turnover rate are continually recruiting. This implies resumes are constantly coming in, and interviews are continually being arranged. In the end, it can turn out to be hard for the recruiters to stay in front of the large volume of candidates that apply. ATS robotize this procedure and make it simple for recruiters to append applicants to open position and screen the hiring process.

HR Features and Considerations

There are several features that can be found in most ATS.

The most basic Applicant Tracking Systems have:

  • Resume database and candidate search
  • Job application management
  • Workflow management
  • HR and compliance management
  • Job board posting
  • Applicant profiles and filtering
  • Pre-screening

The more advanced Applicant Tracking Systems offer:

  • HRIS Integration
  • Social network tools
  • Offer letter generation
  • Automated interview scheduling
  • Intelligent candidate matching
  • Mobile accessibility
  • Reporting and analytics features
  • Interview management



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