Facts about the experience using an applicant tracking solution

Is your company one of the them whose ATS is threatening applicants, frightening off new contracts, and giving you a notoriety for being an organization that couldn’t care less about the applicant experience?

We have few facts which helps to understand the candidate’s experience

  • Almost all the recruiters use ATS.
  • Many recruiters say their ATS has positively impacted their hiring process. Very few on negative side.
  • Many candidates find that online job search and online application is painful.
  • Lots of candidates were unable to complete the process due to technical errors.  
  • Many qualified candidates are not getting selected by ATS due to invalid resume formatting.
  • So many candidates left the online application process in the middle because they find it’s tedious.  
  • Many employers and candidates thinks that online application should be short and easy around 3 to 4 steps.
  • Many recruiters don’t test their online application process on their own website.
  • While testing, one recruiter has created a perfectly matching resume for the job he has but the ATS misread it and that resume got rejected.
  • In another test, one large firm found that the resumes of 3 out of 5 of their top engineers were screened out automatically by their ATS as not relevant.

With AppliView, we have removed all the things which reduce the candidate and recruiter’s experience.  


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