Do’s and Don’ts while applying through applicant tracking software PART-2


  • DO transfer PDF documents when given the alternative. Is your rendition of Microsoft Word exceptional? How would you know whether the business will have the capacity to open your record? Leave undoubtedly. Dependable guideline. spare it as a PDF at whatever point conceivable. Some ATSs will really change over submitted records to PDFs for the business and consolidate them into one document for simplicity of review and printing. As a result of this,Keeping the arranging and text styles steady over every one of your archives.
  • DO advise your references. Some ATSs are computerized to email references in the event that you progress through specific stages, and sometimes your application is not substantial until the reference reacts. Tell your reference that you connected and why you are a solid match for this occupation so that he or she can address those focuses in the letter of proposal.
  • Everyone has a long their own recruitment process, contrasted with different enterprises. That is the reason ATSs are utilized so respect that.


  • Try not to submit twice for the same employment. You as of now submitted and acknowledged you addressed something inaccurately or transferred the wrong document? Try not to resubmit. Some ATSs will permit you to retreat in and upgrade your application, yet not if the survey procedure as of now started. Consider how enormous the mix-up is and in the event that you ought to contact HR in the event that this happens.
  • Try not to transfer vast record sizes. Companies and ATSs can acknowledge documents sizes up to limited size. Nonetheless, abstain from submitting documents that surpass 1 to 3 MB to speed the review procedure and to guarantee that records are transmitted. Inability to transfer as a result of expansive record sizes regularly happens when candidates filter reports like school transcripts at a higher determination. Take a stab at filtering them at a lower determination.
  • Try not to lie. Distorting data to propel your office will dependably be distinguished by somebody, regardless of the fact that it passes the underlying ATS screening. Every one of the applications you finished will be justified, despite all the trouble when you land that one position that is implied for you.



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