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On premise HRIS systems are installed on the company’s server

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Are you wondering how much the best online recruitment software in the world costs? Are you sick and tired of spreadsheets for managing HR data? Do you want to improve your HR solutionsignificantly? If yes, the best online recruitment software in the world can lend you a hand of help. Regardless of how big or small your budget is, there is an online recruitment software for you. With this being said, how much is a conventional online human resource information system? The answer to this question depends on the kind of HRIS system you opt for. The very first stage would be the process of identifying the vendor’s deployment models.

The Powerful Server Releases

On premise HRIS systems are installed on the company’s server. Moving on, data is stored in databases like SQL. On premise HRIS systems are also known as client-server application. These systems incur one-time charges. The advantage of using this on premise HRIS system would be its high-end features. The software enjoys proven record and predominant levels of customization. The software delights most experienced, big guys who yearn for a robust HR system. As the best online recruitment software in the globe it comprises of high-quality support resources. However, the drawback in this online recruitment software would be its high cost. Pricing can range between 2000 USD and 25,000 USD.

A Solution for Every Service

Little guys in the industry tend to opt for software as a service solution. These online recruitment software programs can be obtained from the internet. Moreover, HR data is carefully hosted on the company’s servers. These are also known as hosted recruitment solutions alias cloud software. The best part about this web based e-recruitment system would be its pay-as-you-go nature. Here are few benefits in availing the software as a service recruitment solution:

  • Can be accessed from anywhere. All that you need is a working internet connection.
  • Companies with branches in several locations find the web based recruitment system useful.
  • The web based e-recruitment system is designed for users who have very little experience with online recruitment.

In most cases, the online recruitment software costs between 10 USD and 20 USD per employee. The strategic tool takes performance and recruitment details into consideration.

The Free Deals!

Finally, there are several free online recruitment software packages to help you hire the right candidate. These open source software programs cost 0 USD!


Across a new article regarding applicant tracking systems

Applicant Tracking System
Applicant Tracking Software

If you scan through the internet, you will come across a new article regarding applicant tracking systems almost every day. Some of these articles are legitimate about the works that can be done using an ATS solution. One the other hand, some will hurt the chances of you bagging a good career. If you want to make use of the modern recruitment system, you should make sure your resume is ready for it! Does this sound puzzling and too difficult? Well, creating a resume that fits ATS solution is not rocket science. It requires a little bit of dedication and care with what you type.

What is ATS?

Here is a brief definition of the applicant tracking system for those who don’t know what it represents. The ATS system is a software package used by enterprises of all sizes. The software is responsible for receiving and storing job resumes. These resumes are posted by candidates who want a job in the specific organization. Job seekers are expected to interact with ATS systems when they want to place an application for a given role through the company’s job portal or website. The ATS software is integrated with the firm’s web based recruitment system. It comprises of various sections like screening queries, career section, resume upload, job searches and profile building pages.

A Candidate Friendly Routine

As the job seeker makes an application, the resume is linked with the requirements. If the applicant’s resume have everything required for a given job profile, it would be accepted and sent for further screening. This is when manual efforts come in! If you have registered with the Applicant Tracking Software previously, all fields would be populated automatically. This includes details like education and work history. As a result, candidates are no longer expected to fill huge forms.

The Real Game

Now you have figured out how the ATS software works and this is when the real game of the applicant tracking system begins. To be very precise, there is no secret behind the ATS system. This is a sophisticated software that performs searches based on keywords. The actual trick lies on how you use keywords in your resume. If you want your resume to reach better levels, the keywords should be placed carefully. To be more precise, keywords should be used in an intuitive manner. Your job titles, skills and current interests should match the recruitment needs perfectly.